project: repetitive ware

Photographs of spaces, places and things worn by repetitive human movement.

It's so easy to grasp what's happening here with the objects, surfaces and places being shaped by repetitive human movement. But perhaps less obvious to most is the strain of your own body right now under the invisible repetitive immobilizing casts of our own sedentary, movement-outsourcing culture. For example, the same way we 'always' sit or the same way we 'always' get out of bed or the same way we 'always' take the stairs....

Let these images of our shared environment remind you of the repetitive forces shaping your your body through the daily movement choices you make and see if you can prompt a different way of doing things, whenever you remember.

project: walking journey

a barefoot journey taken by Rachel Johnston with 15 other women.

1. Horizon views. Look for 10 seconds, close your eyes for 10 seconds, write down the first 10 words you think.

Wood underfoot, hard and rough.

2. Look/observe and draw what you see without looking at your paper or pen.

grass underfoot. soft.

3. Terracotta tiles and running. Where is the weight in the foot?

4. Crawling. Gravel underfoot (and under hands and knees)

5. trees to climb, logs and rocks to balance on and red leaves to collect.

Mud and autumn leaves underfoot. Soft soft soft.

6. Close range views - drawing and 10 words then a circle of feet.

Grass under foot and freedom in my spine.

7. The woods. Naked, cold skin, sisterhood, fun and free.

Leaves, ants, sand and leaves underfoot.

8. The road back. Body tired and happy. Light rain.

Gravel, grass and stone underfoot.

9. Through the villa. Cold stone underfoot and singing through the halls.

10. Hot chocolate and tingling SOLES!

project: the long body

Inviting submissions for 'The Long body'

"The long body is a Native American term which refers to the individual body plus the life support systems around it. It is a much bigger conception of the human body than we have in western culture, and considers the body continuous with the larger environment.
The perception of our bodies as isolated units is dangerous because it doesn’t take into consideration that organisms live in context. We co-evolve with our habitats over many millions of years.
We think we have nervous systems to regulate our bodies- and we do- however the nervous system has other functions- for humans in particular -  it's purpose is to learn habitat and our social environment too." -- Frank Forencich

What does your 'long body' look like?

This project is open to submissions, anonymous or not, from everyone and anyone. Send photographs/drawings/musings to

All images will be displayed on this website and credit will be given for your submission with links back to your website/blog if you wish. Further permission will be sought if the images are to be shown elsewhere.

project: walking journeys

a journey taken by Mari Valen Høihjelle, 31, Female.

1. Heavy. Not sure if I can do this.

2. Found a dead sheep.

3. Safe. In a mountain cabin all alone, bless the radio!

4. Finally! 2014 meters above sea level.

5. Fuck hiking! Called my boyfriend, cried. tired. Thought of my Grandma.

6. Walked in the dark, my big fear.

7. Sleep and food in a mountain shed. Haven't seen a single soul.

8. 45km. I did it! I need people, and a shower.