project: walking journey

a barefoot journey taken by Rachel Johnston with 15 other women.

1. Horizon views. Look for 10 seconds, close your eyes for 10 seconds, write down the first 10 words you think.

Wood underfoot, hard and rough.

2. Look/observe and draw what you see without looking at your paper or pen.

grass underfoot. soft.

3. Terracotta tiles and running. Where is the weight in the foot?

4. Crawling. Gravel underfoot (and under hands and knees)

5. trees to climb, logs and rocks to balance on and red leaves to collect.

Mud and autumn leaves underfoot. Soft soft soft.

6. Close range views - drawing and 10 words then a circle of feet.

Grass under foot and freedom in my spine.

7. The woods. Naked, cold skin, sisterhood, fun and free.

Leaves, ants, sand and leaves underfoot.

8. The road back. Body tired and happy. Light rain.

Gravel, grass and stone underfoot.

9. Through the villa. Cold stone underfoot and singing through the halls.

10. Hot chocolate and tingling SOLES!