'Whenever I feel disappointed, disillusioned or uncertain the best remedy throughout my life has always been to do something active. This morning I woke up feeling all of those things so I went for a run. Then @carmenzsf and I dipped out of our normal @mahfia_tv office hours and went skating and talked about how crazy this is. Then I had a conversation with Molly the inspiring founder of @theunsungheroines book and I was reminded that at the core, we as humans, male and female, are designed to overcome and persevere when faced with challenge and uncertainty. When presented with a situation we've never been in before, or trying something that we've never tried before, even one that we can barely wrap our head around, our body and brain is designed to figure it out and overcome. The way that happens is through compassion (love and support), communication, confidence and literally moving your body. So to all my game changers out there, find your compassion for all humans (whether they are like minded with you or not), be generous in your speaking and actions, muster up your confidence and GO OUT AND SHRED. You will feel better and the world will keep turning and great things will happen. I don't know everything but this is what I do know. ❤️'

-- @mahfiaboss on Instagram post the US election, shared by the brilliant Molly @theunsungheroines (this is the book)